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Universal Water Softener installation kit.

Universal Water Softener installation kit.

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Welcome to Softenergeeks!
We have been manufacturing water softeners in the UK for over 30 years. 
This listing is for a Water softener Universal Installation kit this is designed to work with Softenergeeks water softeners we cannot guarantee it will be suitable for other brands of water softener. 

Designed for British plumbing systems and can be used with all our water softeners.
If you are not sure what size your incoming main pipe is?
Don't know what type of plumbing system you have?
This kit is for you, can forget traditional installation kits with 15mm or 22mm hoses T's, inlet valves, outlet valves and bypass valves.

This is the kit that does everything!

Using separate valves to form a bypass can involve up to ten plumbing joints, ours has only two. It is supplied with both 15 and 22mm pushfit connections. The steel braided hoses are both strong, yet very flexible. They are also WRAS approved. 

The bypass manifold allows the user to completely isolate the softener by simply pushing a plunger. It can be wall mounted using the clips provided.

We have been selling water softeners on the internet for years please take a look at our feedback.
Warranty 12 months