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Nano Timer

Nano Timer

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  • Only 525mm High
  • 240mm wide!
  • Large salt lid
  • 6 litres of softening resin
  • Timer control
  • British made
  • Low water usage
  • Fits in a kitchen cupboard
  • Adjustable for any water hardness
  • 7-year parts warranty
  • Suitable for pressurised systems
  • Suitable for up to 3 people
  • Compatible with both block salt and tablet salt


The Nano Timer is only 525mm high and 240mm wide, it can fit in the smallest of spaces. It also features a large salt opening.

It is controlled by a timer. Regeneration is initiated when required, usually at 2AM.

Displays: time and day.

Made in England.

Designed for UK households to fit inside a kitchen cupboard.

Copes with any water hardness

Free 7-year warranty. We back up our products with the best guarantee you will find.

This softener is suitable for all types of water systems.

For families of up to three people.

Compatible with both block salt and tablet salt

Thousands already in use.

Installation: This comes with a printed set of instructions and written warranty.


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