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Cera-soft Meter Controlled Water Softener

Cera-soft Meter Controlled Water Softener

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  • Counter current regeneration
  • Ceramic seals for longer life
  • LCD backlit scrolling display
  • Only 210 mm wide
  • Swing visor for protection of the electronic display
  • Meter control
  • Fits in a 300mm kitchen cupboard
  • 5-year parts warranty
  • Suitable for pressurised systems
  • Suitable for up to 3 people.
  • Compatible with tablet salt
  • Hinged salt lid
  • Installation kit purchased separately 

The Cera-soft is a sleek and ergonomically designed water softener. The soft curved design blends in seamlessly with modern kitchens and appliances. Cleverly, the transparent visor swings upwards to reveal the scrolling LCD back-lit display with auto dimming feature. Here the time, remaining capacity, regeneration status, flow rate, water usage etc. can be seen.

Water use information comes via a sensitive flow meter that accurately monitors water use and triggers regeneration only when required. Touch one of the buttons, and guidance on how unlock the programming features is displayed. Once set no further attention is required.

The quality and design of this softener is continued into the heart of the machine, the regeneration control valve. A patented, rotating ceramic disc is used, precision engineered and cut with a laser. Unlike other water softeners that rely on rubber seals to operate, this water softener has only one moving part that controls regeneration. The ceramic seal requires little maintenance and is designed to last many years.

This softener uses the more modern “counter current regeneration”, a process that involves reversing water flow to ensure the resin is regenerated effectively, giving long service life and saving salt and water.


Other features include:

A “Child Lock” feature which prevents accidental changing of the electronic settings.

Blending control to allow adjustment of the softness of the water.

Computer control accurately calculates the water pattern and automatically initiates regeneration conveniently at night or whenever you prefer.

An auto shutoff float valve is fitted to prevent overfilling.

Power backup and warning functions are included.

All parameters are adjustable within the advanced features menu.


  • Resin:                                6 ltrs 
  • Control Type:                    Electronic Meter  
  • Height (visor down):         505mm 
  • Height (visor up):              610mm
  • Width:                               210mm 
  • Depth inc hoses                415mm 
  • Inlet/outlet                        3/4" BSP 
  • Drain                                 1/2" hose barb 
  • Overflow                           1/2" hose barb 
  • Power supply:                   12 V  
  • Salt storage                      10 kgs   
  • Approvals:                        NSF/ANSI 44, CE, RoHS, ISO 9001   


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